Project of the month - December 2022

100% carbon neutral furniture 

Nick James Design from the UK is a furniture maker with a heart for the environment. His traditional wood workshop is therefore completely carbon neutral. To finish his furniture in an ecological way, he uses Rubio Monocoat products.

Climate efforts

Nick James values nature and is therefore committed to 100% carbon neutral furniture. He does this by reinvesting part of his profits in forest maintenance and by planting a tree for every piece of furniture his team makes. Moreover, he has also bought his own piece of woodland where he plants new trees and where he cultivates his own wood.

It goes without saying that Nick also considers his ecological vision when it comes to the finishing products for his wooden furniture. He deliberately chooses Oil Plus 2C because of its 0% VOC, easy application, endless creative possibilities, food safety and, of course, our eco-friendly approach. Although the chosen colour depends on the project, Nick often chooses the colour Pure to finish his wood.

Tip of the month: working with an absorbent type of wood

Are you working with walnut and do you want to treat your wood project with Oil Plus 2C? Then it is good to know that walnut is a very absorbent type of wood and therefore takes up more oil. It is therefore recommended to give the oil sufficient time to soak in. Whereas it is otherwise best to wait a few minutes to wipe away the oil, with walnut it is better to let the oil soak in for 15 minutes. If, after those 15 minutes, you see that the surface looks dry or that you have a colour difference, you have probably used too little oil for this type of wood. To optimally protect the wood and get a uniform result, it is best to apply some more oil.

Project name: Nick James Design - 100% carbon neutral furniture
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Rubio Monocoat products used: Oil Plus 2C
Colour(s): Mist (console table) – Pure (Danish cord bench; plates, trays and spoons; vinyl storage boxes and shelves)
Wood Type: Oak (console table), walnut (Danish cord bench), oak + walnut (plates, trays and spoons; vinyl storage boxes and shelves)

Photographer: © Nick James Design