Rubio Monocoat
throughout the years

1906: Establishment of Muylle-Facon as a manufacturer of mastic.

1962: Launch of the first assortment of wood protection products:

Teintécire: color-stain for wood
Ciraneuf: liquid or solid beeswax
Boizaneuf: paint remover​

1966: First international expansion.

2000: The company starts with the development of an oil based on a revolutionary technology: molecular bonding, conducted by Dr. George Barrell.

2005: Worldwide launch of Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus at an international trade fair. Start of the very first branch offices.

2009: Rubio Monocoat USA was incorporated.

2016: The Rubio Monocoat family is active in 41 countries by now and has over 150 employees worldwide. A second site in Belgium was built in 2016 to manage the growing demand for Rubio Monocoat products.

2021: Rubio Monocoat launches in Hong Kong.

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