Project of the month - October 2022

Need to relax? That's what Island Rest is for!

Your outdoor wood has to endure a lot. Quality protection therefore is essential. Of course, the protection should also be beautiful, especially on such a gorgeous project as Island Rest. Mission accomplished with the Hybrid Wood Protector, we think!

Holiday destination

Island Rest is located on the British Isle of Wight. This island is known as a holiday destination thanks to its milder climate. Despite the favourable weather conditions, it is important to properly protect your wood even here. Softwood such as Douglas fir or larch may be commonly used for outdoors, but the right protection will make your wood last much longer.

The owners of the holiday home Island Rest wanted an oasis where they could unwind with their family. So they specifically went looking for a wood protection that does not require a lot of maintenance. After all, the last thing they wanted was to go on holiday and have to maintain everything straight away. Their choice fell on Rubio Monocoat's low-maintenance Hybrid Wood Protector.

Tip of the month: tips for easy maintenance

Are you applying our wood oil to a vertical surface? Then it is best to maintain the wood after a year with Exterior Wood Cleaner and a new coat of Hybrid Wood Protector. Then you can continue for 3 to 5 years until your next maintenance. An interim maintenance is of course still possible with Exterior Soap.

Project name: Island Rest
Location: Isle of Wight, Newport, UK
Rubio Monocoat products used: Hybrid Wood Protector Colour(s): Custom-made (Matt Black)
Wood Type: Larch
Architect: © Ström Architects Ltd.
Photographer: © Hufton & Crow