Woodcream Softener


Woodcream Softener

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  • 0% VOC - ISO Certified
  • Only 1 layer needed - Easy maintenance
  • Eco-conscious. Sustainable

Rubio WoodCream Softener is a product that allows you to decrease the color intensity of the Rubio WoodCream colors and create a more transparent or aged effect. Rubio WoodCream Softener is also used as a mix-in when performing a maintenance application of Rubio WoodCream.

  • 0% VOC
  • Reduces solid content without changing viscosity
  • Extends dry time, making it easier to work with in hot conditions and reducing the risk of overlaps
  • Reduces layer build-up when maintaining Rubio WoodCream and when Rubio WoodCream is applied in 2 layers.

Attention: Rubio WoodCream Softener must always be used in combination with Rubio WoodCream. Do not use Rubio WoodCream Softener on a standalone basis.

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Woodcream Softener
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